Starting with You
Growing with You
Scaling with You.


U Ventures was founded with a primary purpose, to lighten accounting load of SMEs so that they can grow, scale and soar. By offering quality service with scalable pricing models, U Ventures strive to offer solutions to companies that work on all levels.

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The Philosophy of Automation

Your team’s time is valuable, if a task must be repeated it should be automated, if it requires monitoring it should be scheduled in, so that you can focus on your business.

Scale your Business Faster, Manage your Headcount Better

With cloud-based accounting, you can manage your hiring and cashflow. With outsourced solutions, you only manage KPIs and not HR.

A Transformational Tool Instead of an Admin Overhead

Outsourcing has become a very acceptable and advantageous strategy to drastically reduce costs or quickly add on capabilities. Transform your costs into capabilities with us.

Venturing with You

Our Services.

Starting, with You

(New Business)

As a startup, stabilising is your focus. Let us take care of the details so that you can take care of the doing.

Incorporation & Accounting Services.


Growing, with You

(Small & Medium Enterprise)

You have found your niche, and your business pipeline is solid.Our team will tidy up your accounts so that every dollar your company makes is the best dollar possible.

Accounting Services, Advisory


Scaling, with You

(Established Company)

When seeking investors, your books will be the deciding factor in this phase of your business. Tap into our experience and give your business the best chance to scale beyond.

Advisory, Corporate Secretarial Services



We Think.

29 OCT

7 Banks to Consider for Your Business Account in Singapore

The sky is blue, birds fly, and every business needs a bank. As obvious as the fact that it’s an ACRA mandate for you to have a bank account, what may not be as obvious is which bank to choose.

Our Banking Partner

United Overseas Bank (UOB)