Human Resource (HR) Consultancy Services in Singapore

In a competitive talent market like Singapore, with a labour force of 2.4 million in 2022, retaining and nurturing your workforce is a top priority. Did you know? One in five Singapore workers consider switching to a new employer in the next 12 months, according to a 2022 PwC report. That’s why many companies are improving their human resources (HR) services by tapping HR consultancy firms in Singapore to meet the changing needs of employees.

Disruptions impact the workforce, and companies must rethink their HR strategies to attract and engage employees better. Outsourcing HR can be beneficial because companies will have access to HR consultants who can help them with their employee concerns. 

At U Ventures, we understand that managing your human resources in Singapore can be challenging, especially when resources and expertise are limited. Our tailored HR solutions help small businesses like yours to optimise their workforce, streamline processes, and enhance employee engagement so you can focus on what truly matters—growing your business. 

We collaborate closely with you to create customised HR solutions aligned with your business goals. Our deep understanding of the dynamic Singapore business landscape will enable you to make timely decisions that impact the bottom line. Our compliance specialists can help you navigate Singapore’s intricate employment regulations. Trust our team of HR experts to empower your organisation with innovative HR services that drive success.

Our HR Services

Payroll Management

Payroll Management

We streamline payroll by handling salary calculations, tax deductions, and compliance to ensure timely and accurate payroll administration.

Compensation and Benefit

Compensation and Benefits 

We design competitive compensation packages and performance management programmes aligned with industry standards.

HR Policies and Compliance

HR Policies and Compliance

Our service helps you comply with Singapore’s employment laws, mitigate legal risks, and maintain a productive workplace.

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Our service simplifies your expansion into Singapore by managing employer responsibilities, including employment contracts and compliance with local labour laws.

Executive Search and Recruitment

Looking for a new managing director? We use our extensive network and industry knowledge to source top-tier candidates through an end-to-end recruitment process.

Employee Relations and Dispute Resolution

Employee Relations and Dispute Resolution

Our service promotes a harmonious work environment by resolving conflicts and providing guidance on effective engagement strategies and adherence to employee handbooks.

Employee and Employer Rights and Walfare

Employee/Employer Rights and Welfare

We ensure adherence to employment laws focusing on employee contracts, rights, and entitlements. We protect employer interests by advising on legal obligations and minimising risks.

Termination and Seperation

Termination and Separation

Our service guides you through the termination and separation process, ensuring legal compliance, minimising disputes, and supporting a respectful transition for employers and employees.

HR Technology Solutions

Automate and streamline your HR tasks, improving process efficiency and data accuracy, which supports informed decision-making and effective workforce management.

Benefits of HR Consulting Services

Be empowered to make timely, impactful decisions for your bottom line. Trust our HR experts to deliver innovative HR services that drive your organisation’s success.

Industry Insights

Access to expert HR knowledge and skills tailored to meet unique business requirements.


Leverage HR outsourcing instead of hiring full-time staff for a more economical approach to resource management.


We work closely with you to create customised HR solutions aligned with your business goals.

Why Choose U Ventures


Experience and Expertise

  • U Ventures is a dynamic team of professionals with extensive industry experience.

Strategic and Bespoke HR Solutions

  • We offer tailored HR solutions that align with your company’s compliance requirements and strategic goals.

Partnership and Support

  • U Ventures acts as a partner in your business journey, providing support beyond standard consultancy.

Passion and Commitment

  • We are committed to helping startups and established businesses optimise their performance and navigate the challenges of the HR landscape.


      Frequently Asked Questions


      If you’re considering hiring an HR consultancy firm, here are a few questions and answers to help you make an informed decision.

      1. What is HR consultancy, and what are the benefits for my business?

      HR consultancy provides expert services to optimise your workforce management, enhancing compliance, efficiency, and employee engagement, which drive overall business growth.

      2. What services do HR consultants typically offer?

      Armed with their expertise, HR consultants typically offer services such as payroll management, recruitment, compliance advisory, employee development, and strategic HR planning.

      3. How do I know if my business needs HR consultancy services?

      Consider HR consultancy if you face compliance, recruitment, and employee management challenges or want to improve operational efficiency through professional HR practices.

      4. What is the process for engaging with an HR consultancy firm?

      It starts with an initial discussion of your needs, followed by a tailored service proposal, agreement on terms, implementation of services, and ongoing support.

      5. What sets your HR consultancy services apart from others in the market?

      Our services stand out due to our deeply personalised approach. We harness our combined industry experience and expertise to deliver measurable improvements to your business. We integrate the best local and global practices to ensure your business thrives in the Singapore market.

      We can help you manage a wide range of HR Services

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