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Move on from manual invoicing and labour-intensive paperwork that are prone to errors! Digitize your processes and get paid fast with InvoiceNow.

Besides manual invoicing, PDF E-invoice is common to business today. These invoices are sent to recipient organizations by email, where they need to re-enter details of the invoice into their own accounting system. But that process is tedious and prone to errors.

InvoiceNow allows you to send E-invoices for B2B transactions directly to your clients by the nationwide E-invoice network, Peppol.

Peppol is an international E-Document delivery network and business documents standard form of electronic Data Interchnage (EDI) that allows enterprises to digitally transact with other linked companies on the Network.

The Peppol network complements companies’ existing EDI connections to
allow e-invoicing to busineses connected to the Peppol network.

InvoiceNow allows you to directly transmit invoices in structured digital format from one fiance system to another using Peppol-Ready solutions like Xero. It allows the invoice to be turned to E payments, offering a well-rounded solution where transmission of data from the supplier’s system to the buyer’s system is done without human intervention.

What can I stand to gain if I switch to
InvoiceNow e-Invoincing?


Delay in payment is a major
concern for SMEs, but
faster processing with
InvoiceNow means faster


Compared to paper-based
processes that involve
storage and retrieval,
e-invoice can help you
save about 59%.


E-invoices takes a more
streamlined approach and
skips the labour-intensive
and error-prone manual


InvoiceNow is a UEN
(Unique Entity Number)-
based e-invoicing where
the invoice to payment
process can be simplified


It allows you to seamlessly
send e-invoices to overseas

The simplified invoice-to-payment process allows business to get paid faster, cutting back on the tedious and time-consuming manual invoicing process. It also reduces the cost of errors and rectification. Moreover, e-invoices reduce storage, retrieval, and delivery costs.

However, to benefit from the network, user(i.e senders and receivers of invoices) must be registered on the work. There’s a need for each to be registered and have a Peppol-ID that partners can send InvoiceNow e-invoices to.

U Ventures will do all the hard work for you to help your bussiness get connected! We can set-up your e-invoicing for all your Peppol Ready business partners and suppliers in Singapore and abroad. If you have and existing EDI solution that is already working well for you, Peppol network complements your existing EDI connections to allow e-invoicing to businesses that are connected to the network, extending the reach of your digital connections which you can access.

Experience clear monetary benefits by getting paid faster!

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