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We offer a comprehensive suite of services to cater to all your business needs. Our HR Consultancy Services are designed to empower small businesses, providing tailored solutions that optimize workforce management, streamline processes, and boost employee engagement, allowing you to focus on business growth. Additionally, Our Accounting Services cater to both business owners and individuals, offering a wide range of professional accounting expertise, including bookkeeping, auditing, payroll management, tax planning, GST returns, local and offshore incorporation, and secretarial services. We understand the unique requirements of each client and provide customized solutions to efficiently meet their accounting needs while ensuring compliance and driving success. With our dedicated team by your side, experience seamless and personalized services that contribute to your business’s growth and financial well-being.


We assist companies with the preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly management accounts.


With tax planning, maximization of tax benefits is possible. Our services include personal tax, corporate tax, and tax consulting.

HR Services

We offer payroll management, HR Recruitment and Outsourcing, HR policies and compliance, Executive search and more.


We provide local business incorporation services as well as overseas business incorporation service.


Training courses for accounting software, payroll software and accounting practices are available at U Ventures.

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